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Saturday, February 2, 2013

A post from Iain!

Has people ever non about the candy sour keys they are sour they are juicy they have coulors and olsow they have flavors sour keys are the best candy i'v ever tasted i love it, if some people don't like it the people who like it mayde will hate the people who don't like it just kidding it's okay if the people don't like sour keys but i think most people like it don'ch you think it mom i hope you like it mom i hope you do i hope  okay sorry i had sour keys yesterday they were awesome even more then awesome triple awesome is that better it is right it is so i had 20 sour keys yesterday it was in the beding musheen and no people had the sour keys isin't that werd that no people had it that is just werd very very werd wate actually i don't know if eneyone had it or not i don't think eneyone had it or not actually know one had it uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dosen't eneyone love it or like it eneyone, i wood love if eneyone did if they did that wood be awesome, if eveyone did that wood be even more awesome, the end wate is it done okay it is by,